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The human brain is hardwired to respond to stories. Before there was written language, our ancestors passed down knowledge through narratives. They created myths and legends to explain reality and enable humans to thrive in a harsh world. There are still societies today with strong story-telling traditions. 

Even in our own noisy world where everyone is clamoring for our attention, we respond to narratives. Notice how your ears perk up when you hear a cue that tells you a story is coming. “Once upon a time…” “Years ago…” “One day…” “When I was younger…”

Stories naturally attract the attention of your readers, and they also help them remember you. The most effective mnemonic device is to construct a story around the items you want to remember. Make it easy for your followers to remember you by giving them an anecdote related to your brand.

Success stories show your value to followers and potential clients. The drama of overcoming a challenge or achieving a goal allows your readers to imagine themselves in the same situation if they have similar challenges and goals. The tale makes it easy for them to visualize how your product or service can help them in the same way.

A client or customer success story can help a prospect make that final buying decision. Knowing that they are not alone and that your solution worked for someone similar to them makes them more comfortable in taking action. A tale of triumph is a powerful motivator.


  • Joyce is an exceptional writer who digs deep to find the case study story hiding behind layers of business concepts and outcome-based jargon. She is very skillful at identifying the pain points and turning them into a page-turner hero’s journey, no matter how difficult the subject matter. Her case studies paint a vivid picture, turning the usual perfunctory list of results into a personal conversation that will speak volumes on your behalf. Highly recommended!

    Annelize Booysen, PhD · Vision-to-Reality Designer · Society 5.0 Advocate · Author
  • Joyce asks really good questions that get to the heart of the matter so that someone's able to say what they have to say in a really thoughtful way. She has a grasp of business and how business is done so she can create content and language that is geared right towards the audience that I want to reach. She connects the dots to business and purpose so that people are able to read that story and realize why they want to do business with me.

    Katrina Romatowski – Katrina Eileen Real Estate
  • You indeed have a gift to weave words into a captivating story. I love it!!

    Diane Wilkins – NZ The First Light

Why Joyce

What are her qualifications as a storyteller?

When Joyce moved to Hollywood to make movies, she started as a story analyst. She was given the opportunity because of her achievements at the University of Kentucky. She majored in both History and English, two disciplines that require extensive reading and written analysis. Besides graduating with High Distinction, she was honored with Phi Beta Kappa membership.

As a story analyst, she wrote “coverage,” a synopsis and analysis of movie scripts. She learned how to condense stories.

More importantly, she learned what makes stories work. For example, she was one of the few people who recommended “The Matrix” when the script was being circulated.

She wanted to tell stories in film, so she worked hard and beat the odds to become a professional in the extremely competitive field of film editing. The screenwriter tells the story first. The director tells the story second by what and how he chooses to film. The film editor tells the final story by condensing dozens of hours of footage into a feature-length movie.

She was honored to edit a dozen feature films during her time in Hollywood.

What are her qualifications as a copywriter?

She was trained by American Writers and Artists Institute, the premier training company for copywriters for over twenty years. In particular, she was certified by AWAI as a Case Study Specialist.

Joyce’s first experience with writing copy was for a private newsletter. She interviewed residents of a large assisted living facility and wrote their life stories. She learned to conduct interviews that were a pleasant experience for the subjects of the stories. At the same time, she elicited the information that made for compelling short articles in the newsletter.

The residents she featured were happy with both the interview experience and the final piece that appeared in the newsletter. The editors of the newsletter never revised any of her copy.

Joyce interviews your happiest clients to bring out the message of how you helped them achieve their desires. She writes their compelling stories to prove how you can help others like them. Joyce entertains, educates, and moves your prospects to action.

When not interviewing or writing, Joyce is most often petting her cat while streaming kdramas.


AWAI Case Study

AWAI Case Study

A client success story for the copywriting industry.

Katrina Eileen Real Estate Success Story

Katrina Eileen Real Estate Success Story

A client success story for the real estate industry.


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